A respectable achievement: a 47-year career under the same roof

Photo: In honor of the last workday, CEO Jukka Kokkonen rode Marja to work and back in a convertible.

The Casemet Group set a new career length record when Marja Ripatti, who was in charge of logistics at the Mikkeli factory, retired after a stunning 47 years of work. This respectable record is hard to break! We sat down with Marja and CEO Jukka Kokkonen to talk about everything that has happened during Marja's career.

The roots of Casemet's Mikkeli plant go back to year 1974, when the factory was established. In the same year, 16-year-old Marja Ripatti started working at the factory. A young person with a strong work ethic was taken to a permanent job with special arrangements in Midsummer week exactly 47 years ago.

Photo: 17-year-old Marja Ripatti working at the Mikkeli factory

Her long career holds a wide range of tasks, including assembly, customer service and purchasing. In recent years, Marja has been responsible for the organisation, operation and development of Casemet's logistics.  When it comes to logistics, the days are often different and sometimes you face demanding challenges. "I remember one particular delivery to abroad, when the product had to be delivered at a particular moment, just the right place for an international major event.  I admit, then I was a bit nervous, but at the end, the delivery went well." remembers Marja.

During her career, more responsibility has been given, which, in Marja's opinion, also shows appreciation for the work she has done. "Internal entrepreneurship and responsibility are traits that I greatly appreciate in Marja." sums up employer Jukka Kokkonen. Casemet's logistics will continue to be in good hands. "Lessons have been passed on to future makers." says Marja with confidence. CEO Jukka Kokkonen wishes Marja's retirement a lot of health, enjoyable things to do and nice moments.

Photo: Leaving work for the last time.

Marja's shooting hobby, which has had a strong impact in her youth, has faded over the years, but there will still be enough to do in the coming retirement days. It is taken care of by grandchildren, early morning walks, many old furniture waiting for restoration, and a few cleaning and arrangement projects. "Logistics is now moving home!" says Marja, bursting into laughter. The whole Casemet team wishes Marja good and rewarding retirement days!

  • Published 18.06.2021

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