Casemet's cooperation with Mikkeli´s Jukurit continues

On Wednesday, we received Casemet's collaboration player, goalkeeper Oskari Salminen and Sales Manager Pekka Pöyhönen from Jukurit, for a visit to our Mikkeli factory. The cooperation with Jukurit, which has been going on for several years, will continue in the coming season. The league season kicks off today, Friday, at 6:30 p.m., when Jukurit faces Kalpa in the home arena.

Photo: Cooperation with Jukurit continues. Casemet CEO Jukka Kokkonen (from left), Jukurit goalkeeper Oskari Salminen and Sales Manager Pekka Pöyhönen.

Olli Jokinen, the head coach of Jukurit, has brought a lot of new energy and action to the whole team.  "There is a new way of thinking about what we do. The action is faster and the hockey is played faster." sums up Salminen. "The team's team spirit and commitment are in place." continues Pöyhönen.

There is always a lot of responsibility on the goalkeeper's shoulders, the game emphasises both teamwork and individual performance. Salminen started his hockey career at the age of 6 in hockey school and is now a professional full-time player at the age of 21. Casemet's CEO Jukka Kokkonen agrees with Salminen's statement on how everything should be earned in the game, whether it's the played minutes, contracts or successes. The same applies in the business world.

Casemet's roots are in Mikkeli, which is why local cooperation is valued. "We want to encourage local know-how and help develop Mikkeli's appeal. Jukurit is an important part of the Mikkeli spirit!" says Jukka Kokkonen.

Thanks to Oskari Salminen and Pekka Pöyhönen for visiting. The whole Casemet team wishes success and good luck to Oskari and Jukurit! Let's cheer Jukurit to win!

You can find more about Jukurit and the match schedule for the upcoming season from

  • Published 10.09.2021

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