Ville Turunen has started as Casemet Mikkeli's Plant Manager on 1.4.2024, with Karo Häkkinen taking over as the Group's Operations Director

Ville Turunen has started as Casemet Mikkeli's new plant manager on 1.4.2024. Karo Häkkinen, who previously held the position of Plant Manager, has become Casemet Group's Operations Director. Häkkinen has been responsible for the duties of Chief Operating Officer since the beginning of this year.

Turunen, who moved from Kajaani to Mikkeli, is responsible for managing the operations and maintenance of the Mikkeli factory as well as production control. Turunen has previously worked in operative management positions in the sawmill industry.

"I have settled in Mikkeli and Casemet well. Both the city and the new workplace have a good and homely feeling," Turunen says. Although the manufacture of sheet metal products and enclosure solutions has brought a lot of new things to Turunen, everything has got off to a very good start. "My team has a good, conversational culture – we have been able to continue our tasks with a good grip. With my contribution, I want to support Casemet's continuous improvement operating model. I am also looking forward to further developing the factory's operations. The recently completed expansion of Mikkeli factory will enable a lot of different production development projects in the future," Turunen sums up his thoughts.

Karo Häkkinen has moved from Mikkeli Plant Manager to Operations Director for the entire Group. At Group level, Häkkinen manages and develops production operations, purchasing, maintenance, quality and customer service in Mikkeli and Pärnu. "My field of work has expanded and brought with it great new challenges. In my role, I aim to develop the operations of the entire Group – we take advantage of the successes of both factories, learn from them and implement new, uniform practices," says Häkkinen as he describes his new position as Chief Operating Officer.

Both Häkkinen and Turunen look to the future with confidence. "We have a good team here, with whom it is great to start working with," they both say.

Häkkinen (left) and Turunen pictured in front of the new expansion of the Mikkeli factory. "This sign should actually say incoming and moving shipments," they both laughed, referring to the new and transferring factory manager.
  • Published 05.06.2024

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