Aki Hyyryläinen, Casemet Group's Enclosure Product Manager, trusts the properties of Cubo enclosures even in demanding conditions

The standard Casemet Cubo enclosure series includes Cubo E, Cubo EO, Cubo F, Cubo V, Cubo U and Cubo OC products. Enclosure solutions are made of stainless steel, surface-treated steel or aluminium. As a rule, all parts of the enclosures and accessories are made of metal. Aki Hyyryläinen, Casemet Group's Development Director and Enclosure Product Manager, is responsible for the development of Casemet's new and existing enclosure products, enclosure certifications and standard requirements, and supports sales and product management.

Casemet's standard Cubo enclosure series products are certified metal enclosures designed for demanding conditions. Aki Hyyryläinen, Casemet's Enclosure Product Manager, is confident that the features of standard Cubo enclosures, such as IP and IK rating, guarantee durable protection for customers' product solutions.

The customer can rest assured when it comes to assemblies installed in Cubo enclosures – they protect against water and dust and are shock-resistant. Each enclosure series has its own certifications and classifications," says Aki Hyyryläinen, Casemet Group's Enclosure Product Manager.

Standard enclosures can be customized according to the customer's wishes and needs. When the customization is based on a Casemet Cubo enclosure, the IK and IP classes of the enclosure remain valid. "We are constantly developing our products and listening carefully to the current needs of the market and customers. The absolute advantages of our current enclosure solutions are the impact resistance created through the material of manufacture, protection against the surrounding conditions and the recyclability of the material," Hyyryläinen sums up.

Casemet's Enclosure Product Manager Aki Hyyryläinen presents customized Cubo enclosures at Mikkeli factory production

  • Published 09.07.2024

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